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Pedestrian Lighting at Miner Park

November 2008

The District A Fund and PPL Team Up for Residents Safety

Disrtict A Committee & PPL Emplyees
Bill Conyers-PPL, Lonnie Truskowski, Rick Cronauer, Steve Barrouk,
John Maday, Rick Gazenski-District A Fund, Bob McTavich, Aaron Hartley-PPL

Committee members of the District A Fund are proud to announce the completion of the our initial project, the Installation of security-pedestrian lighting in Miner Park. Rick Cronauer, District A Committee Chairperson, acknowledged assistance and unwavering support from PPL Utilities Corporation. PPL provided all equipment and labor for eight light poles at no cost. The District A committee approached concerned citizens and businesses in Wilkes-Barre and was successful in raising funds that will cover the first year’s operating costs.

Pictured at the completion of the project are members of District A Fund and Employees of PPL.

Miner Park Walking PathProject Description: There is a considerable amount of pedestrian traffic between Riverside Park and Old River Road through Miner Park.  This area is frequently used by residents in the area.  It is also used when there is a large crowd attending events at W-B Memorial Stadium.

Reason: Security issue for pedestrian traffic in a heavily used area.

Scope of Work: Install light standards in Miner Park from the back parking area, through the Park, to the schools.

Goal: To illuminate a safe walking path from Riverside Park to Old River Road, for all the reasons listed, for safety in transit through Park. To raise funds for the estimated operating costs, approx. $2100 per year.

Estimated Cost: $2100 per year.

Project Notes: This project will be completed through the cooperation of PPL Corporation. PPL will provide and install the lighting system including the lights, light standards and labor at no cost to the District A Fund.  The goal of the District A Fund is to raise the funds for the yearly operating costs of approx. $2100.

We've Reached Our Goal

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